English Courses in Your Hotel

There are endless English courses available in all the English speaking countries and there are also many English schools in countries where English is not the native language. You can attend your local academy, pay for a private teacher, go to an academy that gives you a computer based course or maybe you are lucky enough to receive in-company classes.
Now, in times of recession, Moving on Courses has decided to offer a curious variation on in-company classes. This is a small English language school based in Ireland and Spain and changes the location for their summer English courses every year. Perhaps it is the fact they have no fixed location that allowed them to come up with the following novel idea. Their flexibility is an advantage but there is no reason why you cannot find any language school to offer the same service. However the obvious thing is to choose a language school that has already prepared the relevant hotel English course.
Their teachers will come to your hotel and teach English. Nothing new there you say and indeed if I tell you this English course is all about hotel English, you will still not be impressed as this is what you expect from an in-house English course, no!! Well, the novelty is that their English teachers not only come to teach but also come to stay at the hotel during the length of this extremely specialized English course. The saving to the hotel is enormous because the teachers require little more than full board in exchange for the teaching. Generally the classes are for 3 hours in the morning and the teachers expect the rest of the day to be free. Obviously more hours can be agreed but this would probably mean some payment.
Moving on Courses is keen to point out further advantages that they can offer apart from the cost savings:
The teachers will have far more contact with the employees than if they were to only visit the hotel for a few hours each day. This means they will be more on top of the needs of the students ie your employees. They will actually have the opportunity to see your employees in action and using English with the hotel guests. As you can imagine, it is one thing to use English in the class and another to speak English in real situations when you need to be polite etc.
The teachers will be able to give a detailed report on the student's level of English before and after the English course.
However there are advantages that are not limited to improving the English language skills of your employees.
The teachers will be able to see the day to day running of the hotel. They offer to provide a quality feedback report that no guest would take the trouble to provide. Furthermore their comments will be based on a long stay and therefore reflect the real quality of service and English offered by the hotel.

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