Personal Branding - The Unique Strategy To Self-Actualization

A distinct image and features portrayed by someone repeatedly says a lot about who the person is, how reliable the person is, how efficient the person is and how to categorize the person.
Personal branding is a deliberate act of positioning one's mind towards a particular purpose and setting, being seen in a particular model and being known for a particular goal and purpose.
The fastest track to self-actualization is positioning yourself as what you dream to be and continuously working within the range of your position. Many thought personal branding is all about physical appearance; however, it goes beyond that. Personal branding is a continuous process of molding yourself in a way you wish to be called, known and seen. Branding on its whole is not all about the physical endowment of a product, service, ideas or persons. Branding literary is the outermost and innermost endowment of a whole.
Personal branding is a deliberate act of wanting to be known for something. It is a process that no one can achieve in a day, it is a continuous process. Every rational individual wishes to be known for a cause and be respected for it. In order to fulfill this cause, you most consistently brand yourself towards the cause.
Personal branding strategies are mainly used by comedians, musicians, entertainers, sport commentators, marketers and motivational speakers. They are known with a particular sentence, dressing, lifestyle and goals. Base on the strategies they imbibed, people respect them for their distinct identities. I recommend that readers should take a keen attention to this article and follow the strategies there-in.
There are personal branding strategies that will serve as guide-post to self actualization below. It will guide you to achieve a distinctive identity and reputation.
1. Itemize Your Purpose; you do not brand a "purpose-less" man because when he is known, he will be of no impact to the society as a result of this, he will be disregarded. Before you embark on personal branding, list-out your purpose, if the implementation of your purpose will fix a gap in the society or not. The act of itemizing your purpose is like a litmus test that scores you low or high. Your listed purpose will reflect if you will be a problem-solver or a "me too" person
2. Know Your Weakness; most people often say they do not have weaknesses, which cannot be true. There is no perfect being on earth. List-out your weaknesses and see a way of subduing them. More so, you can ask a close friend to list out odd attitude you portray often. Doing this will help you act right. One thing is that, you must make sure your weaknesses do not outweigh your strength.
3. Know Your Strength; know your strength and portray it always. Comedians know they are funny and they act so always. Artists and Painters know they can draw and they go about with sketch pads. Portraying your strength tells people what you are capable of doing, and make people associate with you. Portraying weaknesses often will soon make people see you as incompetent. Itemize your strength and work around them.

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