The 7 C's of Personal Branding Success

Everything you do is linked directly to your Personal Brand. As entrepreneurs
and small business owners, we have a distinct advantage that larger companies
do not. When it comes to our brands, we have the ability to get very personal.
Larger companies strive to establish a relationship with their target audience
by making their brand feel more personal or relatable. This is one of the
reasons why spokespeople are such a commodity - larger companies piggy
back off of the relationship an audience has with that spokesperson. Those
experiences are then tied directly to their product or service thanks to the
Personal Brand draw of their spokesperson.
Take Tiger Woods for example. W hen he is hired by Nike to represent their
latest ad campaign, the mere image of him stands for perseverance,
determination and overall excellence. Nike benefits from those perceptions
simply by having Tigers brand lined up with theirs.
You don't have to take such expensive measures, as a small business owner,
because you have the ideal spokesperson to represent your brand - YOU!
With that said, there are 7 keys (the 7 C's) your brand must possesses to
establish that personal touch, and ultimate loyal following, with your target
audience. They are:
Character: Everything begins and ends with you. Your character is
at the heart of your brand. As you develop your Personal Brand, if you discover
that your character shows up in a less than favorable way, use this as an
opportunity to grow. Without a strong character, the remaining six success
principles won't matter to anyone.
Commitment: Not surprisingly, when others see that you are a 
committed individual, they will join in helping you achieve your goals. We are 
attracted to people that follow-through on their word and have a "no matter 
what" attitude. When you are committed, you deliver on your promise and 
show the value of your Personal Brand. Great brands are built on this C - make 
yours one of those brands.

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